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    Andrew Mwenda

    While speaking before a Police Propaganda lecture at Makerere University on Tuesday, Andrew Mwenda supported traffic police officers taking  bribes from traffic offenders on the roads. Its very sad that a great country like Uganda has been brought down to its knees by spongers like Andrew Mwenda, to utter such nonsense to the youth of Uganda, is indeed very irresponsible and dangerous.

    According to Andrew Mwenda, if a reckless driver runs down a pedestrian or breaks the law while on a public road, that was built with Uganda Tax payers monies and foreign loans payable by future generations-the crime should be turned into a reward ‘kitu kidogo’/Bribe for Traffic Police.

    Andrew Mwenda

    In a functioning society, such a mindset by a public figure, could result in the following;
    • Make them apologise to the nation
    • Burn them from appearing or talking to the public, apart from the court of law
    • Make them seek professional help i.e psychiatric counselling
    • Send them for community service
    Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba
    However, in a failed Society like Uganda, you’ll always have free-loaders such as Andrew Mwenda, defending every ill of that failed system because its that system that has made them professional parasites. They hate systems that function well- for the benefit of society and built through hard work.
    • Breaking the law because they can do it, is what raises their hollow egos
    • Buying favors and talking loud is what makes them feel important
    • Self seeking and chocking the truth is their life-line
    Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba
    In conclusion, one can say that Andrew Mwenda represents Yoweri Museveni’s failed system and that’s why he was invited by the police to convince students of Makerere University that breaking the law in no big deal as the system is there for buying.
    Andrew Mwenda

    Andrew Mwenda after accumulating from several statehouse money laundering schemes with Museveni’s son Muhoozi ,
    He decided to hide behind his sister MP Margret Muhangi and finally buy for himself and Muhoozi a 10.2 billion UBC land from Basajabalaba dealer.


    museveni’s chopper shot down by machar’s boys on battle 2 august 2016…REMEMBER our army was dragged into s.sudan affairs illegally..who should pay for all this lose? Dictator or tax payers? Next govt shld sell off dictator property to replace these choppers! Case stamped & sealed!


    NRM Pig Anna Maria Nankabirwa a minister while in Kyankwanzi cried and begged museveni to remove the presidential age limit such that he can rule until he dies.



    1. Should we reduce number of political parties from many to two?? So that we are only divided into two directions than 15+

    2. Should we bring back death penalty so that there is a penalty for one charged of corruption of tax payers money , child rape and treason??

    3. Should there be minimum wage so that investors and small scale employers should not cheat our hardworking Ugandans who earn little??

    4. Should we kick off all suggestions brought by so called humanitarian and donor countries (imperialists) against decisions well agreed upon by majority?? Like the immoral act of LGBT in parliament when it’s not heard of on local level??

    5. Should there be limit on publication of naked people in media so that children don’t get exposed to such acts??

    6. Should the entertainment industry stop producing hatred movies, gun shooting en revenge parts so that they focus much on unity, patriotism, innovation, invention, family building, social economic development etc??

    7. Should we build 1 hospital and one 7 roomed class for primary school at every sub county so that we also support our selves without entirely depending on government which also depends on our tax and grants??

    8. What about if we contributed for construction 1 village/zone water source for increased water supply after wet seasons so that the government can provide tractors?

    9. What if we joined hands a group of 10-15 unemployed so that we provide self employment through partnership, so that the output per head increases??

    10. All those were my questions, what could be your questions for UGANDANS me inclusive??


    Forum for Democratic change {FDC} leadership told their charismatic leader Kizza Besigye to drop his defiance campaign; this was during a meeting that was held at their party headquarters in Najjanakumbi on Monday.
    According to anonymous sources in attendance, the meeting was to design a new political strategy which can replace the defiance; many FDC stalwarts say that defiance was formulated to be used at the vanguard of the February elections which FDC lost.
    A source quoted Besigye’s internal rival Gen Mugisha Muntu telling the meeting that however much he tried to swing the party infrastructure behind defiance, FDC has no established structures across the country.
    . “My position is that if as a party, we are not organized even in defiance we can’t remove NRM,” Muntu said.
    The meeting asked Besigye to immediately change his approach by shifting from the city Centre to villages in a new door-to-door policy, unfortunately the resolutions discussed in the meeting fell on “DEAF BESIGYE” who remained resolute on his defiance policy saying that FDC can concentrate on building structures as he defies.

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