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    No FDC cannot be equated to UPM in the 1980 elections. UPM had only one elected mp-Dr.kiyonga. Museveni was decisively defeated by Sam kuteesa of DP. So which votes of museveni were stolen by UPC as he claimed? It was his greed for power that took him to the bush no other reason. Did he suffer more than Nelson Mandera so to cling to the extent of rigging elections at his age after 30 yrs in power? Its just greed for power
    There isn’t anything he is going to do for ugandans except nepotism


    A report before the inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura has pinned top police directors named to have been working with city deadly gang of goons to steal money from businessmen.

    our highly placed police source at police headquarters in Naguru, among the police bosses pinned include AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe, the director Peace and support directorate, AIGP Edward Ochom the director research and planning and ACP Jimmy Katonyerera the commandant Police standards unit (PSU)

    According to the information from the intelligence report forwarded by one ASP Steven Mugarura to the IGP after falling a victim of one of the police bosses aided city gangs that were terrorizing business community using guns.

    “I once carried out an operation and I recovered some of their guns but one of the robbers called me on phone and assured me that I will find a dismissal letter on my table when I reach office, but I was shocked when I went to office and found when the suspension letter was already on my table.” Mugarura said.

    He added that  another gun robber also called him and informed that he was hunting for his bosses assuring him that he will never get an office as long the bosses are still in police.

    After receiving phone calls from the gun men Mugarura went to MTN for their call data report where he confirmed that these robbers were in constant communication with the police bosses.

    He noted that his bosses told him that he would go for refresher course but has never gone there and when he inquired he was told that his file got lost.


    Mugarura’s report noted that the police bosses connive with these robbers to kill and grab guns from police officers on patrol at night which they later use to target mobile money agents, super markets, forex beurals, and banks.

    “These police bosses at the time of night patrol deployment, they can deploy like two foot patrol officers in these deadly places around the city after coordinating with these gangs they engulf innocent officers on duty and grab their guns or sometimes kill them, He wrote.

    Against this background, in 2011, ASP Muhammed Kirumira became a victim of Police professional standards unit under the command of Jimmy Katonyerera after he carried out an operation in Nakulabye Rubaga division where he arrested one of the deadly serial robbers a one Kato who later dragged him to PSU which culminated into his forced leave after Katonyerera -led PSU report.

    This came after Kato got an injury on his finger during a police scuffle and after his release on police bond; he ran to PSU and influenced Katonyerera to act on Kirumira who was later put on forced leave However, Kato was later killed in another robbery in Bweyogerere in Wakiso district in gun fire with police.

    Kirumira also fell a victim of ACP Jimmy Katonyerera while in Nansana as Officer in charge after he arrested some notorious robbers who had stolen money from the victim.

    On arrest, the suspect pleaded with Kirumira and made an agreement that he would pay back the money to the victim by depositing it in parts before Kirumira’s office until the whole amount was paid fully.

    After his release from cells, the suspect went and sent some money through Kirumira’s mobile money and went reported to Katonyerera that he had solicited a bribe.

    Katonyerera swung into action and arrested Kirumira detained him but was later saved by then KMP police commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi and who later sent him for refresher course at Gadaffi barracks in Jinja before he was posted as OC station Hima police station in Kasese.

    In 2011, renowned city deadly gun robber Paddy Serunjogi alais Sobi also caused drama at Kampala central police after he pinned two police bosses Grace Turyagumanawe then the director police operations and Edward Ochom former police commander Kampala metropolitan.

    Sobi known for carrying out most brazen and dramatic robberies in the history of Kampala while police was trying to parade him before the media, he said that AIGP Grace Turyagumanwe was parading him before the media because he had refused to work with him and was instead was working with Edward Ochom.

    This former police informer in protest over his arrested revealed to the media that he had worked with very many police bosses who were giving him guns and after robbery he would share the loots with them but was wondering why Turyagumanawe be shamed him in the media yet he was his also part of his beneficiaries.

    Efforts to talk to police spokesperson Fred Enanga for a comment were futile as he said he was busy on a police pass out in Jinja.


    Special Forces command an elite group of the Uganda people’s defense forces has taken over the security of Kampala city head of president Museveni’s swearing ceremony slated for May 12.

    According to a highly placed security source, the elite force has heavily deployed both in both covert and under covert at major venues where foreign dignitaries will pass and converge during the swearing ceremony where over 17 heads of state have confirmed their at tendencies.

    A security source noted that among the venues where security has been heightened include Entebbe International airport, Munyonyo Speak resort hotel where all the invited heads of state and other president Museveni’s guest will have their state Dinner and Kololo Independence stadium where the swearing in ceremony will take place.

    “Security is now water tight in these areas to ensure that the visiting heads of state do not get any problem on during and after the function,” Security source told Red Times.

    The source added that the joint security forces led by police will also be carrying out operations across the city to get rid of lawlessness in the city before the swearing in ceremony.

    It is also indicated that security at all other porous border points of Ishasha, Butogota-Nyamirima has been taken over by the UPDF from the 207 brigade to prevent any attacks from the neighboring war –torn DR Congo.

    In Busia and other border points security has also been heightened with police conducting thorough checks on vehicles coming from Kenya to get suspected terror agents.

    However, Forum for democratic change has vowed to carry out nationwide demonstrations against president Museveni’s re-election calling for an independent audit of the election results.

    Dr Kiiza Besigye the FDC former presidential candidate on Tuesday while addressing the media at party headquarters In Najjanankumbi said the demonstrations will start on May 5 where all the part members will match from their district headquarters across the country to Nakivubo blue primary school in Kampala.

    In 2011 FDC supporters hurled stones at a car carrying Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan as he visited Uganda to attend President Yoweri Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

    Mr. Jonathan was among several African leaders visiting Uganda for Mr. Museveni’s inauguration for a fourth term following disputed Feb. 18 elections.

    Dr Besigye, who had sought treatment in Kenya for injuries suffered during his recent arrest during walk to work , had rejected the election results, saying they were rigged in favor of Museveni , and called for new elections.

    Police stopped Mr. Besigye about 15 miles along Entebbe road as he made his way to Kampala in a convoy of about a dozen vehicles, accompanied by thousands of supporters on foot to allow foreign leaders who had attended swearing-in access to the airport.

    The standoff degenerated into a riot as supporters threw stones at security forces as police tried to maintain order and fired teargas in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

    Clashes also broke out near the venue of the opposition’s scheduled parallel inauguration ceremony, causing widespread pandemonium in downtown Kampala.

    Mr. Besigye later addressed the ceremony briefly before he was driven to his home in the suburb of Kasangati,

    A security sourced was quoted as saying that the Special Forces command and other security agencies are reviewing what happened in 2011 to ensure that it did not happen again.

    “We are scrutinizing our security master plan to ensure that all the president visitors are safe and not harmed, “Source noted.


    Even with many of their leaders restricted from leaving their respective homes, FDC supporters yesterday held a series of demonstrations across the country, leading to confrontations with security agencies and several arrests.

    Although the demonstrations fell short of the high billing that the FDC leaders had predicted, Police and UPDF still had a busy day involving running battles with protesters in downtown Kampala and suburbs such as Nakawa and Kawempe.

    In the countryside, FDC supporters held demonstrations in districts such as Busia, Kamuli, Kabanda, Kabale, Ntungamo, and Isingiro. Several FDC supporters were arrested during these demonstrations.

    By midday in Kampala, police had arrested at least 30 FDC supporters who came out to protest in defiance of a court order issued last week by Justice Steven Kavuma, which banned the party’s ‘defiance campaign.’

    In city centre places such as Mini price and Kisekka market, tear gas and bullets were fired in the rainy afternoon as a joint force of police and army tried to contain protesting vendors. A number of arrests were made.

    Police fires teargas to disperse opposition supporters
    Business came to a standstill from around 1pm to 2pm as traders locked shops and evacuated the city. Around the same time, two military jets flew low over the Kampala airspace, although the UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, described the activity as part of “routine test flights.”

    The DPC for CPS Kampala, Aaron Baguma, told The Observer that police got intelligence information that some people were planning a huge city demonstration that could have led to havoc and disruption of businesses in the city.

    “After we got information, we deployed heavily in all corners of the city to make sure that there is peace and stability,” he said, adding that some protesters managed to beat their security for a while and hold their demonstration.

    Baguma, however, added that police was able to disperse them with tear gas and arrest their leaders. According to Baguma, police deployments in and around the Kampala business district will remain tight even after President Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony slated for May 12.


    Baguma named some of the protesters who police arrested in Kampala as Charles Mutasa Kafeero, Frank Kazibwe, Kassim Rusoke, Muhammad Munube, Godfrey Kyikashemeza, Joshua Kisekka, Ssekanjako Dakala, Musa Ismail Njuki and David Mwesigye.

    On its part, the FDC kept a rolling update of its members who had been arrested, and urged those who were free to go and secure the freedom of their colleagues.

    A man and woman take cover as police fires bullets to disperse opposition supporters
    According to FDC, those who were arrested included Alex Gitta Mulibanga, the former FDC Entebbe municipality chairman, as well as Peter Othieno and four other members. They were reportedly picked from FDC Entebbe office and detained at Entebbe police station.

    In Kyambogo, according to FDC officials, police arrested Kyambogo University students who joined the protests, led by the FDC Kyambogo University chapter chairman Moses Aguuda and the FDC national youth league secretary for foreign affairs, Joshua Akoyoyi. Others included the Kyambogo students’ guild speaker Ambrose Mukwaya and Paul Okuni. All were detained at Jinja Road police station.


    It is at the FDC headquarters in Najjanakumbi where protests were expected to start at 10am before ending at Nakibubo Blue PS. However, there was little sign of activity at Najjanakumbi, save for about 20 policemen and 10 military officers waiting outside.

    Many of the party leaders were nowhere to be seen, except for the FDC deputy secretary general Harold Kaija, and chairman of the FDC national election task force Godfrey Ekanya (also the outgoing MP Tororo county).

    Ekanya forced his way into the FDC office at 10:40am and, a few minutes later, he pushed away police officers under the command of Katwe DPC Samuel Mission.

    Asked why they did not turn up to lead the demonstration, FDC spokesperson Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda, told The Observer on phone that he and other senior party officials could not make it to the party premises because police had surrounded their residences.

    “Our houses have been under siege; that’s why we couldn’t leave home, me and the leader of opposition plus some other leaders,” he said. The Kyadondo East MP said he was only able to leave his home at 1:20pm.


    The FDC founding president Kizza Besigye, who was the party’s flag bearer in the 2016 presidential election, did not leave his home, as police continued its blockade over him. Kayihura said on Tuesday that Besigye would be kept incommunicado at his home “until further notice.”

    However, the Police publicist Fred Enanga denied that they had confined the opposition leaders to their homes. Enanga said police had limited its role to “routine patrols” around the opposition leaders’ homes.

    “We are not at their homes,” he said. “We were near their premises carrying out open surveillance so that if any of them came out to promote their defiance campaign, we would act.”

    Other opposition leaders who were under house arrest by press time included Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Nakawa MP-elect Michael Kabaziguruka and Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa.


    Ugandans are now twice as poorer as neighbouring Kenyans according to the latest World Bank Development Indicators report.

    Ugandans are now twice as poorer

    The detailed statistical report produced annually by the World Bank put Uganda’s income per capita at $670 against Kenya’s $1,290 , Tanzania’s $920 and Rwanda’s $700.

    Per capita income is a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) divided by the population to give an indication of the average earnings per person in a year.

    The percentage population of Ugandans in extreme poverty that is, those living on $1.9 a day currently stands at 33% of the population while globally this figure has fallen to 13 per cent from 37 per cent in 1990.

    Uganda’s overall Gross National Income stood $25.3 billion compared to Kenya’s $58.1 and Tanzania’s $46.4 billion in Tanzania.

    The World Bank report puts Uganda’s life expectancy at 58years and its infant mortality rate (number of cases per 1000) at 38, well higher than Kenya’s 36, Tanzania’s 35 and Rwanda’s 31.

    Uganda’s urban population currently stands at 16% of the total population, while neighboring Kenya, this figure is at 25%.

    While more than 80% of Ugandans are dependent on agriculture, the World Bank report shows that Uganda’s agricultural output stands at 27% of the GDP, compared to Kenya’s 30%, Tanzania’s 31% and Rwanda’s 33%.

    Recently, while meeting the members of the outgoing cabinet, President Yoweri Museveni observed that while the NRM government has not addressed all of Uganda’s challenges, its impact has been greatly felt.

    Museveni said that when the National Resistance Movement (NRM) came into power, Uganda had so many problems but majority have since then been resolved. He added that the next term will be much easier, as Uganda will have started exploring its oil.

    “We have finished the issue of the pipeline and are going to start exploring our oil. By 2019, we shall start earning money from the oil,” he said.

    The President described the outgoing cabinet as a tremendous cabinet and that with their experience, they know where things went wrong and right and it will be easier to move forward.

    “This will go on the records of Uganda that this cabinet, this government was steadfast. Where we are going is becoming easier. They played a historical role of discovering oil in 2006, struggled to bring the oil out of the ground and now we are at the threshold. Will use their experience to go forward,” he said.


    Many FDC stalwarts say that defiance was formulated to be used at the vanguard of the February elections which FDC lost.
    Our candidate has espoused by taking on streets in running battles with police and most of our supporters end up locked or injured. A source said

    A source quoted Besigye’s internal rival Gen Mugisha Muntu telling the meeting that however much he tried to swing the party infrastructure behind defiance, FDC has no established structures across the country.
    . “My position is that if as a party, we are not organized even in defiance we can’t remove NRM,” Muntu said.


    The National Crime Preventers Forum’s mandate as per it’s partnership with the Uganda Police Force has been to mobilize, sensitize, organize and coordinate crime preventers and their activities. We as an organisation are proud of what we have achieved so far. With 11 million crime preventers and their strong coordination team we are proud to announce that we are the strongest organised massive patriotic movement this country has ever had despite other challenges we face of course.
    However, a massive group like this may not only be maintained by only organization and coordination there is another element that must be added to have a strong cohesive group. Economic empowerment. NCPF has been laying strategies for that. Our crime preventers must be economical empowered as they are keeping their communities safe.
    Different projects have been mobilized.
    1. Catering project. The forum has a contract of supplying, cooking and serving food to police officers across the country. More than 2000 crime preventers are employed as cooks and over 200 crime preventers groups are supplying a variety of food stuffs to the police. This project alone has generated some income to more than 10000 crime preventers.
    2. Construction project. The Uganda Police is partnering with the forum to construct more than 10000 housing units for the police in Kampala Metropolitan area alone. The forum as I am writing is looking for 6000 engineers. These include; carpenters, planners, surveyors, welders, block makers. Actually we have a team of crime preventers at our Naguru site who have started making blocks. If your are an engineer by all means then your welcome to be part of us but you must first be a crime preventer of course.
    3. Workers cooperatives. The forum is helping crime preventers organise themselves in workers cooperatives. This is because as a forum we understand that different professions have different opportunities and therefore these cooperatives are formed according to the professions and expertise. For example we have formed an engineers cooperative already and we have also set up a law firm.
    4. Mwangaza SACCO. This is a national crime preventers SACCO. We currently have a membership of 45000, share capital of close to 400 million and a loan portfolio of close to 200 million. The SACCO is targeting all the 11 million crime preventers by the end of 2018. We are happy to find out that our crime preventers have earned a living from this SACCO.
    It will remain the forum’s priority to fight poverty and contribute to improvement of the economic welfare of our people and the country at large.
    We would like to thank the Uganda Police Force, our allies in this, well wishers and everyone who associates with what we do for the guidance and support rendered to us. We call upon everyone for this noble cause.
    I thank you.


    If Hon M. Muhanga sold her cows, goats and everything to buy UBC land at 10.2 billions;
    Are my cows, goats and (everything) worthy 10.2 billions!!! OK! assume that the cows and goats are worthy 6.2 billions, Where can I get a sugar mummy to buy my everything at 4 billions??? I think I need bailout.. Uganda Zaabu


    These are the architects of this mode of the decptive dualogue and reconciliation are now it’s victims. They took part in most critical decisions relating to some killings.



    According to the National mining policy since 1963 , for every Gold that is extracted from Ugandan soil , 30% of the Gold is supposed to be deposited in Bank of Uganda national Gold reserve safe ,
    The earlier patriotic governments used this Gold to strengthen our currency ,
    Unfortunately , Museveni and Salim Saleh exclusively have been smuggling this Gold to their personal Gold accounts in Switzerland Banks ,
    Through a heavily guarded special forces covet convoy , plus a national power blackout on Wednesday night , Gold was smuggled from Bank of Uganda through Entebbe highway to an airforce flight.

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