The visit by the delegation of the Western Bloc Havana Alfonso Cano, is a great experience for all and all members of the FARC-EP in this area of ​​the country.

We were expectantly at the dates previously had given us for the arrival of our comrades. We received the note of postponement and had to disarm it organized and fall back to the sites where we were coming closer.

There was uncertainty. It will be or will it not be? We wondered before the scandal unleashed by visiting Rabbit, Guajira. Several days listening to different versions transmitted by the media about where the comrades, orders that gave the government (forgetting protocols) to be collected our delegation that was in the Guajira and the great strength and were army was said by the media.

Then we received notification that we had new date for the arrival of the delegation from Havana. First a great joy, the would in our camps to tell us the latest developments and progress in the talks, also because we would find many fighters and body control that make up this block and that war long ago we were not together.

He came the awaited day. They began arriving delegations, first of Havana, then in the afternoon the comrades of Choco; bad weather prevailed and it was impossible the arrival of the rest, left for another day.

The next day came the del Valle and Tolima, the Cauca and Nariño lastly, the guerrillerada arriving by air was full, while the nearest units approached. And finally all fronts were saying the bloc present!

There were concerns and anxieties. We wanted and needed to hear what so far had been agreed, but also be participants in the process giving our opinion on the process to our delegation in Havana.

Today I can say we met the developments of various subjects in La Mesa, of the work in the different sub-committees, work on gender, propaganda and stories of how people and life in Cuba is.

It is a rewarding experience to meet again and know that our organization composed of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural variety that characterizes our country, is the component of the FARC-EP and this invaluable experience will not be a one-time, because the approach to become in legal political movement, will give us the option to remain are the FARC-EP, a compact organization.

Very beautiful experience, happy reunions and having gotten to know so many and so many new members of the organization despite years of being in rows had not seen. So far everything has worked well. We were sad time to leave … go well comrades, here we continue to fight for peace.