When the going gets tough, the tough also gets going!

Amama Mbabazi

For the past two weeks, Amama Mbabazi had been not only on the run and rush, but also on political rampage and what hé has conquered is Just empty space and political hallucinations. When Mbabazi outrightly and vehemently declared his aspirations in the forthcoming presidential elections, the opposition and his sympathizers were first marred with anxiety thinking that hé (Mbabazi) would be à new formidable opponent on the scène to dislodge President Museveni, but the entire public welcomed his déclaration with mixed feelings and thorough, rational and critical assessment of Mbabazi’s credibility in this poursuit.

Later, with à flesh pair of eyes, the oppostion embroiled with self-interests of the complacent opposition’s bigwigs who have enjoyed the glaring dominance and opulence from the opposition itself, government and the international community, have swiftly made up their mind to forestall the Mbabazi threat which is likely to jeopardise not only their power but also their existence on the Uganda’s political landscape.This is manifested by Dr. Besigye’s U-turn to contest as the FDC flag bearer.

Kiza Besigye
This came after the West had proposed Mbabazi to lead the ‘unborn’ Democratic alliance on the presumption that hé is the only ‘old broom that knows all the corners.’ This precipitated Mbabazi to fréquent his visits to the West at the abeyance and annoyance of the opposition simply because Mbabazi seems to be looking forward to harvesting from their granaries, inter alia, the opposition is caught up in a financial recess nowadays. Against that background, the opposition has thus one by one started dismissing Mbabazi’s aspiration as ‘putting the old wine in the new bottles’! So, don’t smell an abberation in Mbabazi’s political branding?

In the book, The gods Are Not to Blâme by Ola Rotimi, one elder of Kutuje land had this to say, ” If crockdiles can eat their own eggs, what will they not do to the fresh of à frog?”
To the nitty gritty of this, if Mbabazi can eat NRM only to leave it in ruins and completely limping, of which hé claims it (NRM) to be his brainchild, what will hé not do to the opposition which hé had never shared any touch with, since time immemorial , and which its oppresion and persécution have been entirely his archetetcure? Mbabazi must be à lost ball in the high weeds!
So, I believe that Mbabazi must have had incomplète oscillations and his political pendulum must have either missed some steps or taken à wrong dimension. And, I further wonder, what his pendulum watch shows him?


Some political commentators have ranked and credited JPAM for being à smart politician and ably exhibiting willingness to diligently tackle the challenges of the 21st century and the next generations by mere bringing the youth on the drawing board.
This leaves perplexed and thunderstruck!
Further, this prevails an élégant need to subject that promise to testable conditions, so as to show how valid and reliable his gospel is. But my worry is, the control of one of the extraneous variables ( self-interests) in the test, seems to be untenable thus inocorrect findings.

I think it would have provided à ray of hope and an ingrédient of truth if Mbabazi had sponsored à youthful candidate ( given his financial muscle, as allegations put it) to put up a good show against President Museveni in the forthcoming presidential élections so as to justify
his ‘natural’ love for the youth and subséquent generations. But given the fact that hé( JPAM) proposés and présents himself as the only focused leader through this transition, it is then construed with the conflict of interest with his former master.
Thus, Mbabazi’s paradigm shift remains a forbidden passion to the youth since hé only wants to exploit the demographic dividend of the youth ( 78% of the Ugandan population, according to 2014 population census) to gratify his selfish interests. Then, JPAM should stand ready to pay the political demurrage to Ugandans owing to his past defers in serving the aspirations of Ugandans at à time hé ought to have done it.

In any case, Adam Smith in his book, The Wealth of Nations, tells us that; ” It is not from the benovolence of the butcher, brewer, or the Baker, that we expect our dinner but from their regard for their own interests. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love.” In otherwords, the butcher, the Baker and the brewer work so hard in order to serve us not out of their ultruism and love for us, but out of their self-love.

It is thus high time for the for the youth to be rational, logical, cautious and conscious of not only the ‘butcher knife’ but also the political blasphemy in the land contemporarily.
Because, if we open à quarrel between the past and the présent, we shall automatically find that we have lost the future.
Instead, what is in front of us ( the youth), is the final stretch towards adopting à collective, people-centred and transformative agenda that addresses the struggle of our life-time.


Mbabazi’s 7th point of the eight(8) principles hé stands for his presidential bid is, the restoration of the rule of law; ironically signaling the total breakdown of judicial systems and constitutionalism in President Museveni’s government. Contrary, the same Mbabazi parades 500 professional lawyers to arraign all those who arrest his supporters and the police officers who deface his posters and destroy his t-shirts.
This exhibits him not only as à lawyer but also as one who confides in the Uganda’s légal system. Good!
If hé doesn’t, where is hé going to argue out his cases from? Is hé going to wait until hé assumés the instruments of power, and then starts to indict the alleged perpetuators?

May be, JPAM being à lawyer mobilisés à force of lawyers to stretch and outnumber the magistrates and judges, so that hé leads à coup in the judiciary instead of State house in his pursuit of disabling state institutions and thus, ploughing ground for his ascendancy to the throne in the near future! This is not an insinuation that JPAM would find confort in the judiciary’s top seat but rather à strategy to effect his bid.
If so, JPAM would be living in an idéal world and présents himself as an optimistic leader the world has ever hosted. This is because the judiciary is an apparatus of the very government hé is contending.

This brings me to ponder on to this question; Politics and law, what takes precedence over the other? And what circumstances should the aspects of one supersede those of the other?
Karl Marx, puts law and politics in the superstructure of the society, distinct from the economic base. Thus, the political and the légal superstructure are inséparable.

Any Way! The good Lord gave us ten ( 10) and people disobeyed them, now Mbabazi gives us eight (8), We shall see.

I remain:
Asiimwe Bosco.