This Unreported African Postcard is among the very many that I’ll post showcasing the African beautiful people and the continent. Its always a big surprise to many people when they visit African countries that are not at war-90% of the wars have western master minds behind them.

The Western Media, both mainstream and Independent have not done Justice to Africa, as they have for years carried out media terrorism on the African People.
In spite of means and opportunities available to most African middle class, they seem to have failed to promote Africa from an AfricanEye-they have acquired the western imperialism narrative of reporting  Africa-the African continent is not about animals,wars.misery,hopelessness, etc.

The African Continent has different cultures, different gravy among people-not everyone that is  educated or even travelled to different western countries understands the real Africa.



























































































































































































These series are to be continued next-time, as every corner of Africa is covered.

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