The African People took to the streets of London to remind Slave masters that its that time to pay what is owed to the Black Race. The black blood and Sweat built western capitals and instead of respecting them, they’re instead scorned.The great African Holocaust should never be forgotten, as millions of our people were forceful uprooted from their lands and enslaved by capitalists.

A sizeable gathering assembled in Windrush Square this morning, before closing down one lane of  traffic on Brixton Road as the march moved northwards, heading towards Parliament.

The march was organised by the National Afrikan Peoples Parliament, a “nationwide independent, representative body whose purpose is to promote, preserve and protect the best interest of Afrikan people domiciled in the UK” .

Brixton to Parliament Square calling for reparations to be made for slavery.

The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March is part of a campaign calling for amends to be made for enslavement endured by generations of African people.

Organisers carried a petition to central London demanding the government acknowledges the historic and ongoing impact of colonisation and slavery.

The petition states: “The blood, sweat and tears of our Ancestors financed the economic expansion of the United Kingdom.

The African people will continue to demand what is owed to them by slave traders and their collaborators