When you over indulge in mainstream media, you’re left to believe that the Afro American Community will not vote Mr Donald Trump for USA Presidency.

Donald Trump

The mainstream Propagandists has got it very wrong, as most young people and progressive African Americans consider Mr Donald Trump a better president than Hillary Clinton as he never moves around many corners to get to the truth. However, we should also not forget the support from a section of the Afro American community that Hillary Clinton enjoys.

The mainstream media, has even shamelessly published articles with bogus reasons to why Mr Donald Trump would be a bad president for the Blacks.

This type of scaremongering journalism is very irresponsible, as the USA president is not elected to serve a particular race, but all Americans.

Its not Mr Donald’s Trump policies, that have kept Black people in abject poverty, but mainstream politicians such as the Clinton.

The American Dream Turned into a Nightmare

An education is no guarantee to employment but a guarantee to lifetime debt. If equal opportunity policies were working in America, then we wouldn’t be having the chronic levels of poverty across the USA.

The Poverty Levels among the Black Communities can be seen across USA

The Poverty Levels among the Black Communities can be seen across USA

The Afro American youths are not dumb as most people might think-they are very politically aware, and are very aware of the failures from mainstream politicians. They believe that its that time the United States of America is run by a business minded person and not a politician.

Today, the American youth regardless of their ethnicity, are victims of mainstream politicians; they feel that the politicians have ganged against them and imposed an education burden on them. The politicians see the youth as a statistic that can be manipulated for the benefit of politics and financial shareholders.

Hillary Clinton

 The failure for the political class to understand that a debt burned youth, will never be able to enjoy the American dream.Thus, the youth have been sentenced for life, to a financial prison. This does not build the American dream, but instead destroys it.

Today’s generation will never be able to build an American dream for the generation after them, when they’re broke but will continue to just survive.

The youth just like most people with common sense, don’t need a college diploma to tell that, Hilary Clinton’s presidency will continue business as usual: opportunities will continue to be ring fenced for the same class of people.

The reality is that, Hillary Clinton has her own personal dream and not for the American youths. American needs Dream makers such as Mr Donald Trump and not Dream chasers like Hillary Clinton. Its on record, Mr Donald Trump creating Jobs for tens of thousands of Americans. While Hillary Clinton just creates opportunities for the already well-off.

The economic policies of Hillary Clinton are half-baked and they don’t inspire the youths.

Next time I look at why Black feminist are selfish to understand what is better for Americans, and are just supporting Hillary Clinton because she’s a Woman.

Joram Jojo